Liebe Patient:innen

Miria Noser wird ab dem 19.4.2024 auf Reisen gehen und ist deshalb sechs Monate abwesend.
Ab November wird sie wieder für Termine verfügbar sein.


Dear patients

Miria Noser will be traveling from April 19, 2024 and will therefore be away for six months. She will be available for appointments again from November.


Chers patient-e-s,

Miria Noser sera en voyage à partir du 19 avril 2024 et sera donc absente pendant six mois. Elle sera à nouveau disponible pour des rendez-vous à partir de novembre.

Osteopathie Praxis

Camelia Cabrera

Camélia Cabrera

I completed my training with the European School of Osteopathy (ESO, Maidstone,UK), graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor in Science with Honors degree in Osteopathic Medecine ( The ESO was one of the first schools for osteopathic treatment in Europe and has a renowned international reputation.

I had the opportunity to work as an osteopath in New Zealand, France and now in Switzerland.

During my career, I have collaborated with fellow osteopaths as well as doctors, physiotherapists and other health care professionals. This helped me develop an holistic approach and taught me to work hand in hand with other professions.

I am confident treating a wide range of patients ranging from the new born to elderly people.

I use a very gentle and specific approach, respecting each individual and listening carefully to their needs.

In 2012 , I passed the GDK-CDS ( osteopathic exam. Through this exam my British diploma in Osteopathy was successfully validated by the Swiss public health services (''Hautes Ecoles de Santé Publique Suisse'').

I offer osteopathic treatment in French, English and high German, with French being my mother language.

I am recognised by every complementary insurances in Switzerland.

Francoise Herren

Originally from Switzerland, I completed my Master of Sciences in Osteopathy in 2019 at the “Osteopathie Schule Deutschland “ (OSD) in Berlin. Already during my studies I had the opportunity to treat patients at the University clinic of the OSD.

I was able to gain thorough understanding of the complaints of children, pregnant women and elderly people.

For several years I was member of the Swiss national fencing team and also know the perspective and complaints of competitive athletes. Additionally, I completed several internships in New Zealand and abroad in order to learn from scholars and experts in the field of osteopathy.

I enjoy the diversity and physical character of my work and like to respond to the individual complaints of my patients. A holistic approach is a crucial element of my therapies.

Treatments and Diagnostics can be conducted in French, Swiss German, High German and English.

Recognised by all Swiss complementary insurances.

Amit Tzalach

My name is Amit Tzalach. I was born in Israel and have been living in Bern with my family since 2015. After several years of working as a physiotherapist in top football clubs in Israel and Switzerland and with private patients, I decided to take a new path in my professional career and work as an osteopath.

As each one of us is unique , I aim to find the best possible approach for you and your health, to treat your symptoms holistically.

With my expertise in physiotherapy and osteopathy, my curiosity, my enthusiasm and my interest in people, I support you in finding an optimal path to health and a better quality of life.

Languages: German, English, Hebrew.


Recognized by all complementary insurances except VISANA.

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Miria Noser

I trained as an osteopath for 5 years at the University of Applied Sciences for Health  from Freiburg, Switzerland. In addition to the theoretical studies in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, I also have a practical training acquired during various internships by different osteopathie practices where I learned and deepened my knowledge.

Osteopathy is a matter close to my heart. Treated myself for the first time as a baby, I am now an enthusiastic osteopath and remain fascinated by the holistic approach and the versatility of osteopathy.

For me, osteopathy also means to assist you in the process of understanding the origin of your complaint. Treatment that is tailored to you and your health is important to me and I would like you to accompany you with motivation and joy. I am pleased to welcome you and hope to contribute to your long term wellbeing .

I speak German, French and English and am recognized by all complementary insurance companies.

Emanuel Rimle

I successfully completed five years of study and receive a Masters of Science in Osteopathy from the University of Applied Sciences in Fribourg. Throughout this time I have been able to gain various practical experiences, both in private practice and in the Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen.

This has provided me with the tools to ensure a precise diagnosis and deliver the correct osteopathic treatment through tailored methods.

The human body and its abundance of connections, throughout the large variety of systems I.e musculoskeletal system, digestive system, nervous system, have always fascinated me. Osteopathy along with its holistic approach to treatment was therefore the ideal vocation for me.

Due to the diversity of osteopathy, I will always adapt my treatment methods to patients individual circumstances. I endeavour to understand the patients complaints and strive to treat them in a cause oriented way. Patient comfort, along with symptom relief, are my top priorities.

I offer my consultations in German, French and English and I am recognized by all supplementary insurances.