Liebe Patientinnen und Patienten,

Anfang August 2020 beginnt mein Mutterschaftsurlaub. Ab dann heissen wir Francoise Herren herzlich willkommen. Im Frühling nächstes Jahr kehre ich zurück und freue mich Sie wieder zu sehen.

Liebe Grüsse
Camélia Cabrera

Chères patientes, chers patients,

A partir de début août 2020 je serai en congé maternité. Nous accueillons chaleureusement Françoise Herren au cabinet pour la durée de mon absence. Je me réjouis de vous retrouver au printemps prochain.

Camélia Cabrera

Dear patients,

Beginning of august 2020 starts my maternity leave. From then on we are happy to welcome Francoise Herren at the practice. I will be back in spring next year and will be happy to see you again.

Kind regards
Camélia Cabrera

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  • Osteopathy is a manual therapy that helps with pain and aches and improves the mobility of the body

Quality osteopathy in the heart of Bern

Osteopathy is a manual therapy which aims at improving the function of the whole body.

Why ist osteopathy helpful?

We face day to day challenges thanks to our bodies. The consequences of our lifestyle stresses will end up
showing through aches and pains.

The Osteopath  do not only treat acute or chronic pains, he/she will help you maintain a healthy relationship to life.

Please feel free to visit this web site to learn more about osteopathy and how an osteopath may be able to help you.


What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is an established system of diagnosis and manual treatment.
Osteopathic treatment can be helpful with these symptoms: back and neck pain, ligament sprain, fracture, falls,  indigestion, bloated stomach, constipation, colitis, acid reflux, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and much more …

How does Osteopathy work?

Osteopaths use their highly-developed sense of touch to diagnose and treat restrictions of mobility in the body.
Everyone can benefit from osteopathy and get help and relief from a whole range of dysfunctions, aches and pains: Osteopathy can be applied to babies, infants, pregnant women, adults and elderly people.

When to see the osteopath?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy which aims at improving the function of the whole body. If the mobility of one part of the body is disturbed this can lead to symptoms like aches and pains resulting in an imbalance of the general health. Osteopaths treat restrictions of mobility in the body using precise and gentle manipulations.